Your Lost Dog Can Be Found Through Communication

Val Heart The Real Dr Doolittle
6 min readFeb 15, 2021

Your Lost Dog Can Be Found Through the Art of Animal Communication

How do you react when your pet goes missing?

I can tell you how I reacted.

At first, I was heartbroken and worried. He was a member of my family — our furbaby. His presence added joy, love and richness to our lives. The thought of never seeing him again overwhelmed me with sadness. What if he was hurt or injured, lying in a ditch somewhere? Shudder…

But when I refocused, and tapped into my abilities as a pet communicator, aka animal whisperer. I opened up an energetic telepathic connection between me and my lost dog, and I found him, and he made it home safely.

Here’s how it all happened.

“Val, Timmy is missing.”

My husband had taken our Border Collie Timmy 20 miles out of town to a friend’s ranch. They were enjoying an afternoon on 40+ acres of pasture and forest…

Timmy was playing with the ranch dog, Rascal. They were bounding and wrestling, tails wagging. They ignored the chickens and tumbled around the property like happy kids at play.

All was well until a herd of deer ran by — not an unusual occurrence, but an irresistible novelty for our dog Tim.

Naturally, Tim the Tracker — hard-wired to herd — gave chase.

He transformed from a playful puppy to a black-and-white streak, ears perked up, tail arched…

In a flash, he was gone.

My husband called out to him. He waited and called again, waited and called again… for over an hour he waited hoping Tim would come back.

But Timmy was busy answering his instincts. The deer had to be herded, and he was on the job. Anyone who owns or knows Border Collies can relate to how focused they can be…it can be delightful most of the time, and infuriating at other times!

Finally, my husband decided to drive back into town and the rancher promised to keep an eye out for him. They could only hope that Timmy would make his way back to the ranch and his buddy Rascal.

Otherwise, it was out of their control.

That’s when I got the call from my husband, “Val, Timmy is missing.”

Emotional roller coaster of worry

I hope you’ve never been in this situation, but if you have, you can relate to the emotional rollercoaster ride.

Your imagination runs wild with all the bad scenarios that could happen to them…

They may be lost forever.

It’s a nightmare of a situation to find yourself in…

…it’s not something any animal lover wants to experience, ever.

  • Do they need help?
  • What if they got run over?
  • What if a wild animal ate them for lunch?
  • Are they hurt?
  • What if a bad person shot or killed or poisoned or trapped them or…?
  • What if they get sick, or thirsty and hungry?
  • How can you find them and bring them home safely?

I pushed aside the fears we all experience when we’ve lost a pet…for minutes, hours or days…

Because, fortunately, I know how to communicate with animals!

I talked to my lost dog and found out where he was

So instead of freaking out and worrying myself sick, I quickly tuned in and chatted with Timmy.

I focused my inner antennae and mental monitor, stilled my mind and dropped into my heart space.

Then I reached out to him using my pet communication abilities heart to heart, mind to mind.

Once I connected with Timmy, exactly like I teach my students in The Heart School of Animal Communication, we talked on and off all day long.

He told me where he was, and what he was doing. He assured me he was fine, and not hurt or injured.

Whew! That was a relief to hear. I made suggestions and offered guidance as to how to get home.

But there was a big problem

But here’s the thing…

He was a very very long way from home.

It scared me to think he might try to walk back over 60 miles on his own through the crazy San Antonio traffic.

The ranch was about an hour’s drive away, so I cautioned him not to try to walk home. Instead, it would be best if he just went back to the ranch with Rascal and waited for us. We would come to get him.

He said he would.

I told my husband what was going on and he was finally able to relax a bit.

And, for the rest of the day, Timmy had a grand adventure! He hunted and scouted and chased things. He swam in the river and pretended he was a wild dog of the plains!

But then…?

The fun got a little old and he got hungry…and tired…and hot.

His feet were sore.

He longed to be home enjoying his supper and a nice nap with his favorite people, me and my husband. And now it was 10:00 pm…

I told him to just go back to the ranch.

But what he told me next was worrisome…

He confessed that he’d gone so far and in so many different directions…with dismay and some embarrassment, he admitted that he was lost.

He didn’t know where the ranch was anymore. Timmy felt worried and it was getting late. He was getting more tired and hungry.

Time to switch to Plan B.

I told him to find the nearest house with good people in it and go up to them. Using my communication technique, I asked him to be polite and mind his manners, to do what they told him to do.

I assured him they would take care of a lost dog until the morning when they would call us after reading his collar tag.

But then it hit me…uh oh!

Urgently I asked, “Timmy, are you still wearing your collar? Please tell me you didn’t lose it!”

“Yes, Mom, I have my collar.”


The kindness of strangers helped our lost dog

Sure enough, Timmy found a lovely couple, who called us in the morning to say they had our furrkid.

They assured us he was unharmed, well-fed, and was a champion house guest. They even asked if they could keep him!

As welcome as his new friends had made him, he told me he was anxious to be home again. We were anxious to see him again, as well.

I’m so grateful that I had the ability to talk with him during this challenging time…I was able to guide him and help him find a safe place to rest.

How would you have handled this situation?

Would you have been able to reach your lost dog and bring them home safely?

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