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What are chakras, and how do they help heal you and your pet?

What are chakras and why is it important for an animal lover to understand them?

I’ve been studying energy imbalances and mastering alternative healing therapies since the 1980s. My journey took me through Neuro Linguistic Programming, meditation, to the Lionheart Institute in the 1990’s, which helped transform my understanding of healing myself and people.

That added lots of great alternative healing techniques to my healing toolkit that I can now use both for myself as well as apply to my client’s animals as well as their people.

And I’ve taught you about the Human Animal BodyMind Connection — the deeper energy reflections, connections, and links between you and your pets.

Understanding what chakras are and how to work with them is an important piece of the health puzzle for people and pets.

Animals are spiritual beings having animal experiences, just like humans are spiritual beings having human experiences.

Our pets also mirror us — our emotional and physical being. If we suffer, they likewise suffer alongside us. They just can’t tell us about their suffering out loud like a fellow human friend could.

They do speak though, in their own way. That’s because they communicate through their own energetic, telepathic language which you can learn through the Heart Wisdom methods taught in The Heart School of Animal Communication.

Taking time to learn about balancing and connecting your chakras will open you up to the possibilities of meaningful communication with your pet AND accelerate the connection between you

Ultimately, you’ll achieve better health, understanding, and well-being, for both of you.

Chakras are energy centers

To begin with, think of chakras as energy centers in your body.

They are the colorful conduits for energy flowing through your body from the universal life energy field.

Eastern traditions call this energy prana or the Ch’i.

The energy taken and metabolized through each chakra is sent to the parts of the body located in the major nerve plexus areas closest to each part.

If your chakras aren’t functioning properly, then this intake of energy is disturbed…

…the body organs and systems served by that chakra will not get the supplies, nurturing, and maintenance they need.

And, if this dysfunction continues, your organs, joints, and muscles will be disrupted.

That part of your body will weaken — including its immune defenses — and, eventually, disease will manifest.

Picture the energy of your chakras as a beautiful braided rope

I’ll explain the seven major chakras in a moment, but first, let me take you through an exercise my students follow as they begin their learning journey about their own chakras.

Close your eyes and imagine a funnel. The wider opening is on the outside of your body, about six inches around, an inch from your body. The small tip fits inside your body near your spine.

There is a vertical power current going through the centerline of the body.

It is the large channel of energy into which all the chakras connect…in that central power current each color of your seven chakras — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet — is woven together, like a rope made of beautiful pulsating light of all colors.

Now you are beginning to visualize your chakras…

Remember that all the colors of the rainbow have powerful healing frequencies that affect your physical organs, systems, glands, emotions and mind, as well as your spirit.

Certain colors can heal, refresh and regenerate…, and other colors can disrupt.

What’s your favorite color?

Notice which colors you are most drawn to. And which you feel uncomfortable with.

Where do the colors resonate in your body?

There are 7 major chakras plus minor chakras for humans

We have seven major chakras in our body — and 21 minor chakras — all correlating to specific parts of our bodies:

  • Root Chakra — Fire Engine Red. It’s located between your legs at the base of your torso. The energy it delivers affects your will to live, your vitality.
  • Sacral Chakra — Juicy Orange. This is our sexual and creative chakra, sending energy to our reproductive organs and pleasure centers.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra — Yellow. This chakra supplies energy to the stomach, , gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, and nervous system.
  • Heart Chakra — Green. Brings energy to our heart, circulatory system, vagus nerve, thymus, and upper back.
  • Throat Chakra — Blue. It brings energy to the thyroid, the bronchi, lungs, and alimentary canal.
  • Third Eye Chakra — Indigo. Supplies energy to the pituitary, lower brain, left eye, ears, nose, and nervous system.
  • Crown Chakra — Violet/Lavender. Supplying energy to the upper brain and right eye.

Each chakra is responsible for complex emotional processes — a sense of connection, stability, belonging, the ability to make rational or brave decisions, communicate authentically, to give or receive love.

For example, the 3rd Chakra — or Solar Plexus Chakra is associated with our intuition, who we are in the universe, how we connect to others…and how we take care of ourselves

If any of your chakras are out of balance, your emotional and/or physical health will also be imbalanced.

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What are chakras to your pet?

Your pets are intuitive creatures with their own energy field, their own chakras. Therefore, they have the ability to perceive the energy coming from you.

A dysfunction in your chakra can easily become one in theirs, and vice versa.

Keep in mind, too, that they may also have come to you with past trauma they’ve been masking in order to survive.

Their past, as much as their present with you, can have a significant negative impact on their chakras as well as yours.

This can result in serious illness — cancers, painful skin disease, digestive issues — or bad behaviors like leash reactivity , nipping, chewing, messing on furniture, or in closets .

The point is, good pets can do bad things when they’re feeling sick or anxious.

That’s why it’s so important to identify the health of your own chakra before trying to share a healing conversation with your cat, dog, horse…

You can learn how to identity, strengthen, or even reset your chakras in our masterclass. It requires dedication, quiet contemplation, and a willingness to look inward.

You have to allow yourself to see your weaknesses for what they are…and the opportunity to grow stronger.

Your pet can be brought along on this journey with you. In our next article, we’ll explore more about pet chakras and the ways you can balance and heal them.

If you’d like help balancing out your or your pet’s chakras, contact a professional pet communicator and healer.

They can unlock the secrets your pet is trying to share with you, their trusted best friend, and help you both heal together.

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