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Are Your Pets Members Of Your Soul Group?

Have you considered the possibility that animals are part of your soul group?

If you’re just beginning your journey towards understanding reincarnation — and the karma and soul contracts you’ve made along the way — it might be hard to understand at first.

Our Heart Wisdom Masterclasses delve deeply into the philosophy with practical steps and techniques. I encourage you to explore them. But for now, let’s examine the basics.

This deeper understanding will enrich your life, and also help you and your pet with the transition from one life — the one they share with you in the present — to the next. And it will help you through your own soul journey as well, and find them when they come back to you.

Making soul contracts with your pets

As mentioned, I teach masterclasses on this topic among others, along with many wonderful animal communication techniques you can use. Those are in the Advanced Animal Talk Mastery, Coping with Pet Loss, and the Paws Before Dying courses in The Heart School of Animal Communication.

For today, let’s talk first about the Human-Animal BodyMind Connection … that remarkable energetic link we share with other beings.

Others in your life, including your animal can act as mirrors for your soul ( Barometers of Our Soul). When you suffer, feel stressed, are in pain or ill, they can mirror, reflect and manifest or act that out for you… until you get the lesson and heal, evolve and grow.

As humans, we’re not always attuned to what’s really happening energetically beneath the surface.

Sometimes we see our pet’s bad behavior or illness as only something to do with them. We completely miss our connection to the problem. If you’re not trained to understand and communicate the messages the animals in your life are sending you, and know how to reverse these patterns, then the behavior, illness, and stress persists.

For example…

My cat, Peach, mirrored the pain and frustration my husband and I felt in our struggling marriage, to the point of critical illness. She had gotten so sick and was in so much pain that she was unable to walk or climb even a single step anymore.

At one point I realized she was trying to absorb our stress thinking it was part of her soul contract to help us with this.

She was sponging the dark negative emotional energies into her own body to help “lighten our load”.

Once I realized what was going on, I sat down with her. I told her it wasn’t her role to do that, and to please stop.

I expressed gratitude for her care and love and what she was trying to do to help us…, but told her that her efforts were misdirected.

She was adding to our stress because we were so concerned about her failing health. She was not helping.

I promised her that we wanted to take full responsibility for our own stuff. We would be responsible to do what we needed to do to heal and repair our relationship. But in order to do that, she had to give back what she’d taken into herself on our behalf.

Renegotiating that soul contract agreement between myself and Peach eased the strain for all of us. She quickly recovered her health completely.

Seriously, within 24 hours she was able to jump up onto the table again. She went on to live another 8 years!

How do you interpret reincarnation?

Depending upon your faith and cultural background, your interpretation of reincarnation might take a different form than someone else’s. And that’s fine.

If you’re not a believer in the notion at all, that’s okay.

I’ve personally spent thousands of hours preparing animals and their people for transitions, easing and finding peace with the process, communicating with them on the other side.

We always explore the soul contracts they’ve made with their caretakers, the members of their soul group (colony or flock or herd or pack or…). We can always renegotiate what’s not needed or is not working knowing what we know now and how we’ve evolved.

I believe we can choose to return and reincarnate after our corporeal body has died, or not. And if we do come back, it won’t necessarily be as the same type of animal or species or sex… a soul will choose its next physical vessel based on the soul contracts it made when passing through their prior life or multiple lifetimes and on what’s needed next.

Some choose to stay in Spirit form for a long time.

Soul spirits often have other things to do once they’ve left their body. In many cases they don’t need or want an incarnate physical body weighing them down or limiting their ability to travel through time and space.

Others come back quickly into their next physical body. They find us to continue our journey together because they are part of our soul group.

Remember, we are all spiritual beings having physical experiences in this dimension. Their Spirits can communicate with you no matter where they are physically — and what space-time plane they occupy at any given moment.

All you have to do is connect with them, open the channel, and engage in the conversation to discover the messages they have for you.

I believe there are Angels who are in charge of helping us find our next body and life journey best suited to help us learn important life lessons. And we have soul contracts with the beings that travel with us through each lifetime, those are agreed upon in advance for specific soul growth, lessons and evolving purposes.

Once you understand reincarnation, what will you do with the knowledge?

If you can embrace the notion that we all go through a process of planning out and agreeing to sacred contracts before each incarnated lifetime, you’re on your way to a higher plane of existence.

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You’ll discover that the point is for us to continue evolving. This is where the karmic lessons we want to learn are agreed to, as well as the experiences we want to have during this lifetime.

With this deep understanding, you’ll begin to evolve. And you’ll see your animal — and human — companions as a soul group partly because you recognize them each lifetime even if they take on different body types and sexes. You’ll begin to see that their presence in your life fulfills a very specific purpose.

Sometimes, the beings in your soul group will teach you harsh lessons — what not to do and who not to become — as a warning to steer you clear of mistakes along the way.

Other times, they’ll fill you with joy and remind you who you truly are.

By the same token, you may find yourself meting out punishment to someone who has hurt you, or befriending someone who conducted themselves like your enemy. That’s karma at work.

Consider the concept that prior to leaving your last life, you may have made a soul contract to return and right the wrongs you may have done… or reconcile wrongs done towards you.

You’ve met your soul group before

This is the key to embracing reincarnation: you are, most likely, traveling in a soul group. This group includes the animals in your life.

Yes, there will be overlap in your groups that throw unknown variables into the mix of your group. However, I propose that you are swimming in a pond with the same fish…over and over.

Collectively, you’re all trying to “get it right” this time around. You’ve heard the saying about “a reason, a season, or a lifetime” of encounters. Each one is an opportunity to evolve, heal and grow.

This encapsulates reincarnation.

We are all here, mingling with the same Spirits, in different bodies, all trying to fulfill our reason for being.

Many Eastern religions believe that once you’ve fulfilled your purpose — completed the terms of your soul contract — you are no longer reincarnated on earth. Your Spirit is fulfilled and you are free to travel to another plane of existence in time and space as you wish.

Others believe the journey is perpetual and never ending. It can certainly feel that way at times!

Either way, every encounter you have with the people, animals and events around you gives you the opportunity to listen carefully, meditate and contemplate.

Have you completed your soul contract or fulfilled your karma?

Is it time to renegotiate the agreements and choose something new and different this time around?

You have the power to do that.

Your pets are trying to share knowledge they’ve brought from their prior existences, teaching you things you’ve forgotten, or maybe they need your help this time around.

It all begins with the conversation, heart to heart, mind to mind..

Do you know how to listen to and communicate with your soulmates?

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Originally published at on February 13, 2021.



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