Leash Reactivity: When a Good Dog Does Bad Things — Val Heart

It’s very important to know that your dog’s bad manners on leash don’t mean you have a bad dog…

Your dog: an angel off-leash, a devil on a tether?

Most aggressive dogs really don’t want to fight

Negative words will just invoke negative behaviors from your dog

3 Quick tips for preventing leash reactivity — short term and long term

  • When they see another dog, praise them with a treat, then walk in the other direction with them.
  • As your dog relaxes, give them praise and a treat when they see another dog and automatically look at you.
  • Finally, give your dog a slack leash when meeting another dog. Praise and give them a treat when they look to you for signals.

Make sure you cover all the angles when dealing with leash reactivity

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Val Heart The Real Dr Doolittle

Val Heart The Real Dr Doolittle


People come to me for help with their animals, then I help the animals with their people! Founder of the HEART School of Animal Communication & Coaching Club