Healing From Trauma Requires Focus and Training

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Healing from trauma requires focus, guidance and expert training

Are you trying to heal from traumatic wounds, or, “trauma drama”?

Do you feel stuck in the past, reliving old traumatic episodes? Are you suffering from post traumatic shock syndrome, unable to move forward with your life?

You may now know this, but pets can also suffer from trauma, just like humans. And, they can also feel and react to your trauma, suffering along with you…

….but often they are not be able to express it in a way you understand so you can both heal, evolve and grow.

There are helpful ways to communicate with the animals about trauma, whether it’s your own trauma or theirs — and some not so helpful ways.

These are specific, uniquely different, powerful healing techniques you can use that will help you and your pet heal, refocus, and move forward in your lives.

You may not feel the truth of this right now… but it is possible to heal even after suffering a great tragic loss, shock, or other devastating traumatic events. And it works whether they are from your current life or happened in a past life.

Why learn ‘Trauma Healing and Recovery’ techniques?

There are many different signs of trauma in animals…things that you might mistakenly chalk up to spite, ill-temper, or rebellion.

But if your show horse is suddenly ignoring your commandsdespite hours of training — your cat starts using your closet as a toilet — after using the litterbox faithfully for years — or your dog is snarling at people who come to the door and stealing food off the kitchen counter — when they’re normally sweet

These are signs of trauma. Something is seriously wrong in their world, and without help? It’ll just get worse.

If these strange and uncharacteristic behaviors are accompanied by obvious symptoms of an illness like kidney failure or an allergic reaction to a new food, for example, consulting a veterinarian is the first thing you should do for your pet.

But your pet doesn’t usually understand or project feelings like spite or vengeance. So if they’re not physically sick, then their changing behavior is a signal of a deeper emotional or mental (or spiritual) problem.

Look past the behavior and get to the root of the problem

I’ve been healing and communicating with animals for over 3 decades, and have understood the joy and pain they experience…

One of the starkest reminders I got was during the devastating 2018 California Camp Fire.

I had clients who’d lost all of their possessions and had witnessed, firsthand, unimaginable scenes of humans and animals suffering.

They had three precious minutes to find their two dogs and cat and escape, fleeing for their lives.

They were all traumatized…understandably.

I was able to guide all of them through the process of grieving their loss, shedding their guilt about having to suddenly and forcibly evacuate their pets without time to explain why… of having to manhandle them into the vehicle.

The sorrow of losing their home and possessions was devastating. And yes, they knew that many others had lost so much more than their possessions because they’d lost their lives and loved ones too.

In their session we worked closely together to heal from the trauma so they could move forward and do what needed to be done.

I answered the questions the animals had, and their concerns.

And they all shifted from feeling terrified, angry, depressed, and unable to cope or focus on the present or future… to being fully present, empowered, feeling love and gratitude.

When they were finally allowed to return to what was left of their home, and they were able to bring their pets back home with them.

And this time, the five of them surveyed the destruction and were all able to talk about it. They found a sense of calm and peace, and purpose.

The animals were able to process losing their territory, empathize with their owners, and their caretakers were able to let go of the guilt and regrets.

Healing from trauma requires focus

In my classes, I teach many techniques to help you help others — and yourself — by focusing your thoughts and energy.

One of my valued sources of inspiration is The Power of Focusing. It’s an excellent book written by Ann Weiser Cornell that explains the potential for healing we have within ourselves through the power of focus.

She encourages us to seek wisdom and peace through a gentle journey of self-discovery.

Once you have harnessed that power, you can heal.

And you can guide others on the healing journey too, with both the people and animals in your life (if you know how to communicate with animals).

Healing from trauma requires focus and a willingness to keep an open mind and heart, and to ask the right questions, in the right way and time, for best results.

Whether you’ve lost loved ones in a fire, hurricane or flood, suffered injuries in an accident or been hurt by a loved one, remember that your pets are suffering alongside you.

It’s possible to form a deeper bond with your pet that goes beyond them simply obeying your commands…. They need to heal, and want to help heal you too.

When you enroll in our classes, we’ll teach you the techniques necessary to tap into your intuition, the animal’s wisdom, and help you make the most of your healing abilities.

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