Exploring Animal Consciousness: Time Travel for Healing Past Wounds

Exploring Animal Consciousness: Time Travel for Healing Past Wounds

Have you ever thought about the concept of animal consciousness? Did you know that, just like us, our pets have thoughts, feelings, memories, and traumas that they carry with them throughout their lives?

As years go by and these experiences are not healed or expressed, animals can develop anxieties and poor behaviors as a way of dealing with them.

How can we help our beloved friends heal from their pasts if we don’t understand or know how to hear them?

A technique I affectionately call “time travel” is one of my best methods for healing the pasts of our animals as well as our own. Through exploring animal consciousness in this way, we are allowed to move forward with our lives, leaving past traumas and injuries behind us.

Perhaps the animal in your life has been abused, lost, abandoned, hurt in an accident, or suffered a grievous emotional wound.

Or maybe something happened that shocked them so deeply they’ve never been able to recover.

Exploring Animal Consciousness: Time Travel for Healing Past Wounds

Maybe they experienced a painful traumatic death when they lost a loved one and feel guilty and haunted by what happened, unable to find peace or closure, filled with regrets. Humans aren’t the only ones who have these types of experiences.

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But…there is a way to break through and help our animal loved ones.

My time travel technique can help them leave behind the emotional baggage that no longer serves them and feel more at peace with the events.

When we practice this technique with sincere intention and an open heart, our pets — and us along with them — can finally take that sigh of relief, come back, center in the present time and let go of what’s been stuck like glue emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. They can feel at peace and be the animals they want to be.

There are so many amazing benefits for your pets when you, their closest companion, begin to open your mind to exploring animal consciousness. They have more clarity. More compassion for what happened to them and those who may have been responsible. They feel more whole again as they heal, evolve and grow.

A story of healing: a puppy finally grows up.

One of my clients, Andy, had had her black lab since he was a puppy. Blue was five years old when Andy got in touch with me. He was skittish, fearful, and terribly afraid of men, noises, and brooms. Interestingly, when I spoke with Blue, it felt like I was talking to a little puppy of about three months old, not an adult dog. You see, internally Blue had never grown up because he was stuck in his inner puppy state. He got stuck at a certain point in his development because of a traumatic event and injury.

When Blue was growing up, a man attacked him with a broom. It scared and hurt him so badly that it shocked him. Like so many other animals who have trauma happen to them at a young age, he had no one to talk to about what had happened and no way to process the experience. So he could never let go of it.

When I talked to Blue, I acknowledged his inner wounded puppy, connected with him deeply and invited him to tell me the story of what happened. Baby Blue poured his heart out, and I listened compassionately until I got the whole story. I noticed where the puppy was still stuck, so we went there and freeze-framed the video while we discussed it.

When he finished the story, I gently and lovingly told him I was so sorry that had happened to him. I told him why the man did that (in truth I basically made up a reason because there’s no way I could really know that. But I was in tune with the overall energy and the man’s presence, so I could read the scenario pretty well). And I carefully explained that it was okay to let that part go now.

I continued to share with him that that was then and this was now. Now, his loving person cared about him and would never hurt him intentionally. Also, I let him know that other men wouldn’t hurt him either; the man who hit him is in the past.

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As we talked, the inner puppy began to grow up.

Later, Andy told me her dog’s behavior and personality had changed dramatically, and she felt like she had her dog back. The fears and skittishness weren’t as strong, and Blue had even met a man he was friendly with. They were still working on the broom problem but again, Blue’s behavior was different and he was making good progress in his training.

Over the years I’ve helped so many people connect with their animal companions through animal consciousness awareness. I created my techniques from things I’ve learned from books, my own therapy over the years, and my education and training in BodyTalk, BodyMind Assessment, Remote Viewing, Akashic Records training, Reconnective Therapy, Dov Baron Institute, Quantum Leap therapies, and the Lionheart Institute. It’s one of the things I do very well and with great results.

Mastering this unique intuitive skill is important because when you communicate with an animal and they need to tell you about a past traumatic event, or their person is struggling over something they’ve experienced, then you’ll know exactly what to do to help them.

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