Dog Games: 10 Fun Ways to Learn & Bond for Puppy & Child — Val Heart

10 Great Dog Games Kids Can Play With Dogs

Dog games aren’t just child’s play.

So above all else, keep it simple and remember to make it fun!

  • Relieve anxiety and stress — for your child and the dog.
  • Create puppy training opportunities wrapped in “fun”.
  • Provide exercise for both the child and the dog.
  • Give your child an opportunity to be the teacher instead of a perpetual student.
  • Reduce boredom — bored kids and bored dogs get up to no good, as a rule.
  • Provide your child a way to become a leader of the pack, and to practice asking for what they want in a clear way.
  • Strengthen the bond and understanding between child and dog.

10 simple and fun dog games your child can master.

1. Follow me

2. Clean up

3. Hide & Seek

4. Frisbees

5. Fetch

6. Racing

7. Tug-of-War

8. Pet tricks

9. Catch the bubbles

10. Hide the dog treats

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