Dog Anxiety Around Fireworks and Storms: Stressful For Pets and Humans

Dog anxiety can be so painful if it is your dog who is suffering. Dog stress around fireworks is very common. It is also a very common time for animals to get lost, injured, or killed as they run in panic, thinking that the sky is falling down.

And you, as their caretaker, can feel helpless too. No matter what you do to soothe them, they don’t seem to hear you.

This is the worst time of year for shelters and rescue organizations as well — more animals get lost and go missing during fireworks celebrations than at any other time of the year.

How to heal dog anxiety

If your dog anxiety is because they are afraid of fireworks, storms, or other noises, I’m sure you’ve tried everything. You’ve tried talking to them — you told them not to worry, everything is okay, please calm down.

“They’re just fireworks (or thunder or…)! Please stop freaking out, it’s just noise and a light show in the sky!”

How’d that work out for you?

Did they listen to you and immediately calm down? Or did they completely ignore you and continue shaking, running around looking for an escape, and hiding?

If you don’t know how to communicate with dogs properly by speaking their language in a way that they can hear and understand, then I doubt you had much success.

You may also have tried the drugs route and requested something from your vet to help calm dog anxiety around fireworks, storms, and other noise phobia problems.

And you tried them, but anti-anxiety meds can put them into a sleepy, catatonic state, and may not prevent them from running away, freaking out or hurting themselves or others.

Even worse, you have to be there to give the medication to them. But what if the scary things happen when you’re not there?

Medications that numb them out or slow them down… but they’re still scared inside don’t help long term. And sometimes they don’t even help in the short term.

That’s because the drugs don’t solve the real underlying problems, they only dull down the symptoms to make it easier for everyone to deal with the poor suffering anxious dog.

And even worse, prescription drugs for dog anxiety are not safe

They take a toll on your animal’s kidneys and liver and can make them very sick over time.

So what can you do?

First, realize that the real problem isn’t the noise. It’s the conversation they are having inside their heads about how they’re going to die.

How the sky is falling. We’re all in imminent danger because it’s the end of the world.

How nowhere is safe, and mom or dad aren’t listening to me, they don’t understand, they can’t protect or help me… I have to run and hide before the world blows up.

If you have a precious pet who is afraid of fireworks, check out my 50-minute Helping Pets Overcome Fear of Fireworks, Thunder, and Noise Phobias Course. Helping your pet overcome their fear of loud noises is one of the best things you can do for them.

When the noise in their heads is louder than your voice, they can’t hear you

By not being able to communicate with your pet heart to heart, mind to mind, you can’t address their fears in a real meaningful way. When they are in a world of fear and noise, all they can hear is their own terrified voice inside their heads. All your attempts to settle their nerves and calm them go flying right out the window in the face of their huge, overwhelming fight-flight-survival fears.

It is so painful knowing that you may be living with a beloved animal who is trapped inside their own world of fear (or perhaps your friends are).

It is truly a nightmare situation and can make even the most experienced, loving dog guardian feel frustrated and helpless.

I know this feeling very well because I’ve worked with thousands of animals and their loving caretakers in similar situations, solving their animal’s fears and restoring ease, peace, and well-being.

In every one of these cases, I was able to ease their suffering and help them find their peace. Through the healing art of animal communication, they discovered how to not be afraid and to embrace living in a brand new reality.

It is really a life-changing experience — transforming nightmares, fear, and panic to acceptance, calm, and ease. The results last a lifetime without harmful side effects or the ongoing expense or time management concerns like administering drugs.

And they’ve continued to make a difference, no matter what the weather or what the crazy people are doing with their BANG BOOM POP fireworks!

Click HERE for more information
Click HERE for more information

Learn animal communication to ease dog anxiety so you can help heal their mind

You can learn to do this too. You can learn to listen and talk with your pets, so you can together improve and enrich your lives in so many ways.

Your ability to understand animals and improve your skills in communicating with them will help you solve this problem and many others like them. It can go a long way toward helping them find their inner peace, calm, and settle so they can be safe, happy, and healthy.

In the next post, I’ll give you a technique that can help your pet be safe, calm, cool, and collected, no matter what h*ll is breaking loose around them in the sky.

If you’re ready to start your journey in the wonderful world of Animal Communication, it’s time to start!

Download my FREE Ebook: Hidden Secrets to Communicating with Pets HERE.

Or dive into the complete Talking With Animals program with my Beginning Core Foundations Animal Communication Course.

All The Heart School of Animal Communication courses are fully guaranteed, so there’s no risk of taking the next step.

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