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How can you use visualization to expand your clairvoyant intuitive abilities?

Clairvoyance is one of the main four Signature Intuitive Styles as taught in The Heart School of Animal Communication. It might be your primary intuitive skill , your “go-to” ability for receiving and processing information from the world around you. Clairvoyants are able to visualize what others might not be able to see using your mental monitor. For you, it’s easy to see things in your head, clearly and in full living color.

Or maybe it’s not so easy for you? If so, then maybe your go-to intuitive ability is more clairaudience (hearing messages inside your mind’s inner space) or claircognizance (knowing information at a deep resonant level) or clairsentience (feeling information in your body at a visceral level ).

Let’s explore visualization today.

Prepare yourself mentally to take a little trip, virtually of course! Totally safe from COVID, the best kind of adventure right now. No face masks required here…

This is one way to practice visualization.

Imagine you’re cozy and tucked up safe in your bed, with your favorite blanket over you, head on your soft pillow, comfy as can be.

Feel it. Sense it. Hear it.

You can feel the weight of the covering, the softness of your pillow and you hear the rustle of the blankets when you move.

Trust yourself: You know what it looks like, you’ve seen and felt it before many many times. You’ve got this.

Now imagine you’ve just awoken from a little catnap.

But wait a minute… something feels different, what is it? Disoriented, you sense right away that this is not your bed… is it someone else’s? Where are you?

As comfortable as you are, it actually feels kind of small.

But you are still feeling calm and relaxed from your nap. You don’t sense any danger. With no alarm, you gently wonder where you are.

Fly away…though visualization

Ah yes!! You remember now… the earplugs the eye mask, the socks on your feet are all a dead giveaway, as is the little pillow nestled around your neck, holding your head comfortably upright.

You’re on a plane. And you’re lying flat on a First Class sleeper-seat… lush!

Now, when you listen, you hear the hum of the massive engines just outside your window, and when you look you see the long wings stretching away to a clear sky. The plane is flying as smooth as glass, undoubtedly at some extreme altitude, probably somewhere over…

Hmm… where are we again?

Looking out the window you see a lovely patchwork quilt pattern of fields and roads and rivers and hills…

Oh! Look over there!

It’s a beautiful body of shimmering blue water and there’s an intriguing, lovely island in the middle of it.

Follow your visualization and let it guide you

It beckons to you… and you feel a yearning to go there… so you do. You have no limits in your imagination, you could decide to fly like a bird. Or you could just blink and BE there.

Don’t worry how to get there, just get there.

Do that, right now.

Once you’re on the beach, take a minute to smell the air, feeling the warm breeze ruffling your hair and your clothes, caressing your skin.

Scrunch your toes in the soft white sand, feeling the warmth and how nice it feels on your feet…

Notice the birds as they wheel about and call to each other. Perhaps there are monkeys or other animals welcoming you, coming to greet you.

Wanna take a swim? The water looks amazing and so inviting…Dive in and experience swimming in the cool clear water with gorgeous, multicolored little friendly fish playfully coming to check you out and say hi.

Sweet, right?

Feeling refreshed yet?

Quieting yourself and practicing visualization can activate your intuition and develop all your Signature Intuitive Styles.

Visualization is a great way to enter into our subconscious and tap into Higher Knowing.

You’ll use this ability when you communicate with animals because that too requires a good imagination, an ability to receive and understand their messages, and a willingness to explore your senses both subtle and physical.

It also requires you to meet animals “ where they are “. That’s important because if their primary intuitive method of sharing information is to show you images or pictures, and your visualization abilities are working well, then you’ll see it when they send it!

If not? Then you’ll miss the message and that would be… sad.

ALL my Heart School courses, including Awaken Your Inner Guidance System (where you learn how to activate and develop your intuition, find your true purpose, and work with your inner voices) and the Beginning Core Foundations Heart Communication Course teach you how to do this yourself. The live coaching and masterclass trainings in the Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Club will help you grow, heal and evolve into your BEST Self by discovering how to use your intuition properly.

Remember to use the time you have wisely, doing the things you love, follow your own inner wisdom, and continue to talk to the animals.

They will guide you.

Your very own inner wisdom should be valued more than any other and will always guide you in the direction you need to travel.” ~ Madysen Taylor

Are you ready to deepen your connection with animals and start really communicating? Look here to find out about all The Heart School of Animal Communication online courses, classes and Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Club membership opportunities. Get started today!

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Originally published at on August 7, 2020.



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