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Developing intuition takes a willingness to be still

What is intuition…

…and how does ‘listening to your gut’ lead you to the truth?

Developing your intuition is complex… and yet simple at the same time. Over the years I’ve learned to listen carefully to the animals in my life .

They’ve taught me invaluable lessons because they’re so closely connected to the Source — aka, “source” or “the Universe” — and have revealed things about my understanding of truth.

Whether you find moments of truth in a movie script, a conversation with a life-long friend, or a chance encounter at the grocery store, it’s important to listen to your gut and take the underlying message seriously…




  1. the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.
  2. a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

Our intuition is often discounted when we’re building relationships or trying to solve problems , but there’s a reason people trust “gut instincts”…

They’re the primal instinct our pets follow, and it’s wise for us to learn to follow their lead.

5 Simple Steps To Developing Intuition

Whether you follow a Christian doctrine, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, or any of the myriad faiths, the underpinnings are anchored in a belief that there’s an “Other” guiding us. There is accessible knowledge all around us that we can tap into, and it’s based on using our intuition that helps us live a fulfilling life.

So, how do we nurture our intuition?

1. Center yourself and get quiet.

Follow your breath, in and out, and relax more with every breath cycle.

To do this well, it’s helpful to stand tall and balanced, but also acceptable to be seated.

Close your eyes.

Feel the ground beneath your feet, the energies of the Earth. Be fully present, right here, right now, nothing added.

Let everything else go.

2. Connect with your heart.

Imagine that your heart has a direct connection with the Truth, and trust that this is so.

3. Connect with your gut.

Did you know that your gut possesses neural cells and is, in fact, your first brain?

Neural cells originated in the gut first when your body was being formed in the womb, then a portion of these cells split off and began to form your spinal cord.

They formed your heart, which is also lined with neural cells, then eventually became your head brain.

4. Connect with the idea, concept, or object you are curious about.

Ask your question.

Then…invite your body to either Lean In, meaning…

  • I want more of that
  • I’m drawn to that, it’s okay to go there
  • It feels true

Or, Pull Back meaning…

  • That’s not good for me
  • I don’t want that, don’t go there
  • Something is wrong or untrue

5. Wait for your intuition to kick in.

Simply, your gut will signal you with its answer.

Be patient. Receiving your answer can take as long as a second or several minutes, depending on your ability to be fully present and clear in your request, and how much practice you have.

Developing your intuition takes practice

As with most healing , it’s important that you take the time to heal yourself before you attempt to heal the animals in your life.

Don’t forget, sometimes, they are trying to send you healing signals and you aren’t receptive to them.

That’s when developing intuition — learning to be present in your experiences and be open to the life force around you — give you insight.

If you’d like to explore your abilities to trust your intuition, or develop the strength you already possess to understand the messages animals are trying to communicate, maybe it’s time to consult an animal communicator…

Free Ebook Hidden Secrets to Animal Communication

Or, perhaps it’s time to tap into the abilities you have, just waiting to be explored .

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Originally published at on November 7, 2020.




People come to me for help with their animals, then I help the animals with their people! Founder of the HEART School of Animal Communication & Coaching Club

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Val Heart The Real Dr Doolittle

Val Heart The Real Dr Doolittle

People come to me for help with their animals, then I help the animals with their people! Founder of the HEART School of Animal Communication & Coaching Club

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