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Balancing Animal Chakras are a Significant Key to Unlocking Greater Health & Well-Being

Is your animal is behaving badly?

Maybe your cat has started using the front hall closet (or your pillow) as a bathroom . Or your dog is suddenly pulling at the leash and snarling at other dogs. Your horse seems to have forgotten how to trailer and spooks at everything.

These bad behaviors sometimes seem to come out of nowhere.

But did they…?

Are they just being bad animals? Or… are they good animals going through something bad?

Animal chakras, just like human ones, can have a huge impact on a pet’s well-being — mentally and physically . In fact, for pets — and humans — the two states are intertwined.

Do you understand chakras, and how they affect your pet’s sense of well-being?

What are chakras?

We’ve touched on this before…

Chakras are the conduit for energy flowing from the universal life energy field . Eastern traditions call it prana or the Ch’i.

This energy is metabolized through each chakra, and sent to the parts of the body located in the major nerve plexus areas closest to that body part.

And, if your chakras — or your pet’s — aren’t functioning properly, this intake of energy is disturbed.

What does this look like?

For humans, our lives seem to take a turn for the worse. We feel ‘off’ and frustrated, physically ill, depressed, stuck in the mud. Our joints hurt, we suffer back pain, headaches…

Animals experience these same challenges, but they don’t have words to describe them…, unless you know how to communicate with animals, or hire a professional animal communicator to help translate for you.

They’ll be able to decode the messages your pets are trying to broadcast. Many (but not all) are able to also read their chakras AND balance them.

The best communicators also trained in advanced healing and they will be able to help you balance all the chakras — both yours and your animals.

The 7 major chakras

Animals and humans have the same basic set of chakras… and animals have their own, unique extra chakra. We’ll get to that in a moment.

First, let’s review the seven major chakras we share with our animal companions:

  • Root Chakra — Fire engine red. It supplies energy to the spinal column, adrenals, and kidneys.
  • Sacral Chakra — Juicy Orange. Our sexual and creative chakra, sending energy to our reproductive organs and pleasure centers.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra — Lemon or Sunshine Yellow. This chakra resides in your solar plexus and supplies energy to the stomach, , gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, and nervous system.
  • Heart Chakra — Emerald Green. Centered on love and will, this chakra brings energy to our heart, circulatory system, vagus nerve, thymus, and upper back.
  • Throat Chakra — Sky Blue. Located at the front and back of your throat, embodying self-expression, it brings energy to the thyroid, the bronchi, lungs, and alimentary canal.
  • Third Eye Chakra — Indigo. Associated with vision and understanding, it’s located on the forehead and the back of the head. It supplies energy to the pituitary, lower brain, left eye, ears, nose, and nervous system.
  • Crown Chakra — Violet/Lavender. As the name suggests, the 7th Chakra can be found on the top of your head and is associated with the experience of Divine Guidance or knowing. It supplies energy to the upper brain and right eye.

Animals have an extra one unique to them called the Brachial Chakra

Animals have their own special chakra that humans don’t have, and it’s important to be mindful of it…

  • The Brachial Chakra — located on either side of the body, in the shoulder area.

This is the main energy center in all animals and links directly to all the other chakras.

Here’s the thing: This chakra is the center that relates to animal-human interaction.

TIP: Any healing with animal chakras should always begin at this Chakra.

Animals that have a strong, healthy link with their human companions usually have a vibrant Brachial Chakra.

It’s the center where the animal-human bond is formed and carried.

If an animal is exhibiting poor behavior or, worse yet, is becoming physically ill, an exploration of their chakra will guide you to the source of their pain.

It might be coming from scars from their past, a manifestation of the pain they see in you , or a shift in their sense of security.

When an animal’s behavior becomes disruptive and completely out of character, it’s important to visit a veterinarian to be sure your pet isn’t battling an illness like an infection, poisoning or some blockage in their intestines.

Your pet may be trying to tell you something.

Consulting with an expert pet communicator — or having the skills to converse with your pet yourself — is just as important.

I know, personally, that my cat sent me messages when I was struggling in an unhappy marriage. Her bad behaviors stopped when I took the time to reassure her that my problems were not hers to solve… and rebalanced our chakras together.

Click HERE to learn more
Click HERE to learn more

Do you want to learn more about animal chakras and their healing power?

Exploring the possibilities of learning more — whether it’s human chakras or animal chakras — is exciting and can launch you on a journey towards healing.

Did you know that you have an inner workshop too?

Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla, even Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, all spent a great deal of time in their inner workshop, the laboratory or concert hall in their mind’s eye.

When they emerged, they had the clarity of thought to create great works of genius.

You too have the ability to access and use your own inner workshop, and help the animals in your life build and thrive in theirs.

When you connect your heart Soul energy with your inner workshop, you can do anything!

Contact us for a consultation if you want help decoding your pet’s chakras… or if you want to learn how to communicate with animals on your own, start here .

You can also go much much deeper through the powerful, life changing Chakra Healing Heart Wisdom Masterclass Series, like this one.

This series of extraordinary Masterclass workshops is available in The Heart School of Animal Communication, and are FREE for Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Club for Platinum Club Members. Find out more here!

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Originally published at on November 4, 2020.



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