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A picture really is worth a thousand words

Did you know you can communicate with animals through a picture of them…?

It’s true… if you take the time to fine tune your intuitive animal communication skills.

If you’ve taken any of The Heart School of Animal Communication classes, you’ll know how to use these techniques already, but if not, then here are five simple steps you can take to build your intuitive skills.

First, you’ll need a quiet space free from distractions. Using a still mind focus, meditation practice helps create the appropriate inner peace and calm around and within you.

5 steps for communicating with animals through a picture

1. Begin with a big belly breath and let your mind be still

Like any meditative exercise, begin with a nice, deep, belly breath. Inhale, hold your breath, listen and count five heartbeats. Shift away from your head and let your mind go still, then move your awareness into your heart center space. Let yourself be in tune with its rhythm as you let everything else go for now.

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2. Get grounded

Now that you’re following your heart’s rhythm, ground and center yourself by feeling Mother Earth’s energy beneath you. Connect energetically to her by sinking your energy roots deep with love and appreciation.

3. Open yourself up to the energy

Next, feel your connection with the animal through the energy that connects us all. Then, focus on the picture. Commit the image to your mind’s mental monitor. You should have nothing on your mind but the animal’s image through which their energetic frequency will be able to shine through.

4. Pause the video

Think of the photo as a video that’s been paused, and that single frame of the animal’s life film has become a snapshot in time. With that still frame image in your mind, let yourself pick up any immediate intuitive impressions. Hold whatever you get very lightly and allow them to come to you as they will without judgment or analysis. Align yourself to be in harmony and flow with the animal.

5. Then, press play

When you’re ready, press PLAY on your mental video monitor to start your ‘movie’. Activate all your intuitive senses. Press play on the video and let the animal come to life as they step out of the “frame”. Notice when they breath, how they move, where they look and feel your connection with them.

Next, if you ask the right questions once you’re in tune with the animal, their answers can be very enlightening and thrilling.

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TIP: To communicate well with animals you have to ask the right questions in the right timing for the best results

Perhaps you’ve been asked to reach out to an animal for a specific reason — they, or one of their human family members, have suffered a trauma and they’re displaying signs of discomfort.

However, an animal’s behavior can also change because of chronic stress, boredom, or physical illness.

Once you’ve established your connection with the animal, begin your conversational journey…

Start with a greeting, introduce yourself. Signal to them that your intent is to achieve mutual understanding from respect and love. Create a space of calm and mutual appreciation…and embrace a sense of wonder and curiosity.

Next, ask questions, and be specific. If they’re troubled, talking to someone who understands and sympathizes, and who wants to get to the heart of the matter to help them, can feel very reassuring.

Is there something I can help you with?

Is there something you think you can help me with?

What is your favorite thing to do?

Who is your most important person?

Do you have other animal friends in your home?

Tell me about your home…how it smells, the room you like the most.

What is your job in your home, your purpose?

It’s up to you to be aware of their aura, their energy. What color is their energetic field — their aura? Notice, how big is it?

Meet them where they are, and be attuned to the ways in which they perceive — and communicate about — their surroundings.

Are they clairvoyant …sending images?

Or more clairaudient …can you hear their voice?

Perhaps they’re clairsentient or claircognizant.

If you could touch them, how would they feel? Would their fur or skin or feathers feel soft or rough? Is their body warm, hot or cool?

If you could hear them, how would they sound? Would they have a light voice, a strong voice, high-pitched, or a deep rumble?

Remain open to the possibilities when you communicate with animals

Animals are spiritual, sentient beings, just like us.

Their means of communication is a bit different than humans, but if you open your heart and mind to the possibilities, you can share a deep understanding…

…and enjoy a rich and fulfilling bond that will last many lifetimes.

Because it’s true. Animals have access to information that we don’t.

This is a wonderful intuitive skill to master, as you’ll learn by practicing.

Give this a go and share what you discover below.

What do you know now that you didn’t know before? What have the animals revealed to you?


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Originally published at https://valheart.com on February 9, 2021.



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