3 Tips for Changing Animal Behavior Through Communication

Three tips for effective animal communication

When you enroll in our classes, you’ll be guided through the five stages of The Heart Wisdom Method of animal communication:

  1. Exploring concepts, ideas, thoughts and more
  2. Awakening your intuition
  3. Removing barriers, limitations, and stuck spots
  4. Talk together to build trust and teamwork

1. Be their new best friend and learn their viewpoint.

If you sensed that your human best friend was troubled or suffering, you’d sit them down and ask very specific questions, right?

  • Do you feel misunderstood or confused?
  • Are you afraid of something — is it fear for me or for you?
  • Is their human asking them to do something they’re physically not capable of doing?
  • Do they have a better way of doing something but feel ignored and dominated?

2. Explore the worst-case scenario

Now that you know the source of the problem — the backstory — you can explain to your pet the consequences of their bad behavior.

3. Explore the best-case scenario

Allow your pet to explore their best possible choices in these situations… what would that look like? How would they feel? How would their person feel if they behaved better?

Once we understood how he felt, and Kendall offered a heart felt apology, he began to recover.

When we asked him what his best-case scenario was, he wanted to have a true partnership with Kendall…a deep bond. So Kendall talked to him, shared her vision for the two of them and her regrets that she hadn’t considered how he felt about being torn away from his familiar home.

When studying animal behavior, make sure you hear what they’re saying

Animals have a great deal to say if you just learn how to listen. When you take our online courses and masterclasses, you’ll learn the Heart Wisdom techniques for tuning your hearing to their messages.

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Val Heart The Real Dr Doolittle

Val Heart The Real Dr Doolittle

People come to me for help with their animals, then I help the animals with their people! Founder of the HEART School of Animal Communication & Coaching Club